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What's Your Comfort Level? A Comprehensive Guide to Mattress Comfort Levels

Updated: May 5

Welcome to Mattress King, where luxury meets affordability. As your destination for high-quality mattresses at wholesale prices, we take pride in offering premium sleep solutions without breaking the bank. With an extensive range of mattresses designed to cater to every comfort preference, we're here to help you find the perfect fit for your needs at unbeatable prices.

Let's delve into the world of mattress comfort levels and explore the options available at Mattress King. Below is Mattress King's Comprehensive Guide to Comfort Levels.

A Comprehensive guide to mattress comfort levels, hard as a rock or soft as a feather.
Do you know your mattress comfort level?


All mattresses vary in comfort and land somewhere along the lines of a mattress firmness scale. The chart below uses numbers to determine your comfort level. Make sure you check out the comfort level descriptions below the chart to find out your comfort level.

Mattress King Firmness Scale

Comfort Scale

Mattress Comfort

8 - 10

Regal Firmness

5 - 7

Majestic Medium Firmness


Noble Mediumness

3 - 5

Serene Softness

1 - 2

Supreme Ultra-Plushness

1. Regal Firmness: (Extra Firm and Firm) Scale: 8 - 10

For those who prefer a robust and supportive sleep surface, our firm mattresses reign supreme. Crafted with high-density materials and advanced support systems that feature pocketed coils with reenforced edge support, these mattresses provide optimal spinal alignment and pressure relief. Experience the royal treatment with our firm mattresses, designed to promote restful sleep and wake you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Majestic Medium-Firmness: (Plush Firm) Scale: 5 - 7

Indulge in the perfect balance of comfort and support with our medium-firm mattresses. Engineered to contour to your body's natural curves while providing ample support, these mattresses offer a luxurious sleeping experience. Whether you're a back, side, or combination sleeper, our medium-firm mattresses cradle you in comfort and ensure a peaceful night's rest.

3. Noble Mediumness: (Plush) Scale: 5

Experience the epitome of versatility with our medium mattresses. Designed to accommodate a wide range of sleep preferences, these mattresses offer plush comfort without compromising on support. Sink into a cloud of softness while enjoying the benefits of proper spinal alignment and pressure point relief. Our medium mattresses are a popular choice for those seeking adaptable and indulgent sleep solutions.

4. Serene Softness: (Soft) Scale: 3 - 5

Embark on a journey of unparalleled comfort with our pillow top mattress collection. Luxuriously soft and inviting, these mattresses envelop you in a cocoon of coziness, providing gentle support and pressure point relief. Ideal for side sleepers and those who crave a plush sleeping surface, our plush mattresses offer a tranquil retreat for a restorative night's sleep.

5. Supreme Ultra-Plushness: (Luxury Soft) Scale: 1 - 2

For the ultimate in opulence and extravagance, look no further than our ultra-plush mattresses. Designed to deliver an unmatched level of softness and luxury, these mattresses provide deep sinkage and enveloping comfort. Experience the sensation of sleeping on a cloud as you drift off into a peaceful slumber. Our ultra-plush mattresses are perfect for those who seek the utmost in indulgence and relaxation.


At Mattress King, we're proud to offer a niche collection of high-quality mattresses at wholesale prices, ensuring that everyone can experience the ultimate in comfort and support without compromise. Whether you prefer the sturdy support of a firm mattress or the lavish softness of an ultra-plush mattress, we have the ideal option to suit your needs.

Visit us our showroom seven days a week and let our expert team guide you on your quest for the ultimate sleep experience. With Mattress King, your dream sleep awaits.

What's Your Comfort Level? A Comprehensive Guide to Mattress Comfort Levels At Mattress King
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Mattress King stands as a beacon of quality and affordability, offering high-quality mattresses at wholesale prices to bring luxurious sleep within reach for all.

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